Ruberslaw congregation has several teams to oversee specific aspects of church life. Each team meets separately but reports to the Kirk Session. 

Administration Team

Convenor: Laura Millar


Hall Calendar: Cath Douglas

Hall Bookings: Helen Howden & Rev Rachel Wilson

Kirk Session Notice Board: Cath Douglas

Church Life Notice Board: Mhairi Mitchell

Church Notice Boards/Shop: Dorothy Douglas & Helen Howden

General: Laura Millar

Rotas: Laura Millar (Duty Rotas), Helen Howden (Flowers), Cath Douglas (Coffee)

Safeguarding Co-ordinator: Annie Shanks

Service Streaming: Graeme Wilson, Helen Howden


Buildings and Property Team 

Convenor: Doreen Biggar

Members: Alison Beveridge, Gordon Beveridge, Vicki Oswald, Scott Tait, Graeme Wilson, Rev Rachel Wilson

Remit: Care of all aspects of care for church buildings and The Manse, including Health & Safety.


Community and Outreach Team

Convenor: Rev Rachel Wilson

Members: Leaders of all Community & Outreach Projects 

Remit: Development of Community and Outreach Projects. This team does not have routine meetings; each leader is under the support and supervision of the Convenor. 


Joint Communication Team (Hobkirk & Southdean and Ruberslaw) 

Convenor: Nancy Smith 

Members: Fraser Baton, Janet Griffiths, Christine Rodger, Scott Tait, Graeme Wilson, Rev Rachel Wilson

Remit: All aspects of communication with the wider community via Newsletters, Cards, Webiste and social media. 


Ways and Means Team

Convenor: Christine Rodger

Members: Shirley Passmore, Annie Shanks, Wendy McLean, Maureen King, Alison Beveridge, Janice Palmer, Laura Millar, Rev Rachel Wilson

Remit: All aspects of finance, grant applications and fundraising.


Growing in Faith Team

Convener: Rev Rachel Wilson

Ad hoc group to explore different ways of worshiping and developing our faith. Meetings are arranged periodically throughout the year and open to anyone to attend.

Worship Leaders Team 

Convenor: Cath Douglas 

Members: Alison Henderson, Christine Rodger, Helen Howden, Mhairi Mitchell, Nancy Smith


  • To prepare a bank of services which can be adapted and updated as the need to be deliver these arises
  • To take the lead in provision of ‘Sunday Café.’ Four times a year.
  • Supplement Pulpit Supply when the minister is not available.
  • Contribute to Sunday worship on an ad hoc basis (prayers / short reflections) to provide support to the minister.

The group is a presbytery resource with trained members operating as a working party supportive of not only our own Minister but of other charges locally. Group members have undergone training by the former Jedburgh Presbytery and are now permitted to design and lead worship not only in Hobkirk/Southdean with Ruberslaw Parishes but also within the wider Presbytery area. The group works with the support and supervision of the parish minister and when the group works autonomously to the minister then information is always shared.


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